Flex First RESP Plan

Flex First Plan

Take charge today so they can take charge tomorrow

Starting an education savings plan may seem like a big step, but starting today can make a huge difference in enabling your child’s success. That’s why Knowledge First Financial created a flexible RESP that gets you saving right away. The Flex First Plan gives you optimal flexibility, putting you in control of how much and how often you contribute, and when and how the funds are used for education. Our RESP experts work with you to set customized goals that get you started — even if you can only put aside a small amount at first. We also have options to help you open a no-cost Flex First Plan for Canadian Learning Bond eligible families.

Flex First RESP Plan

Benefits of the Flex First Plan


Government grants

Boost your child’s RESP by up to $500 a year, to a maximum of $7,200 per child. You may also be eligible for provincial grants.


Tax-deferred growth

Your savings grow untaxed, up to $50,000 per child. Even at withdrawal, income is rarely taxed when withdrawn strategically. Our RESP experts will help you maximize your RESP when it comes time to withdraw your funds.


Not just for tuition

Your student can use RESP savings for any type of post-secondary education and expense – not only tuition, but also living expenses, accommodation, books, and much more. In addition, your plan can earn interest and income for up to 35 years.


Choose how much and how often

Set up one-time or regular ongoing contributions…or both.


Contribute more to get there faster

Received a raise at work, or a cash gift from relatives for your child? It’s easy to make extra contributions to your Flex First Plan anytime. Or set-up our easy and automatic “Grow-with-me” feature to increase your savings annually.


Choose the amount and timing of withdrawals

When it comes time to withdraw, you choose the amount and timing that suits your child’s education needs.

Earn Loyalty Bonus funds

With the Flex First Plan, your contributions earn a Loyalty Bonus — extra money for your student when they enroll in post-secondary school.

Access to programs and resources not found anywhere else

Knowledge First Foundation reinvests profits to help students achieve their dreams. As a customer, you and your student will gain access to programs and resources to help you prepare for decisions around post-secondary education as well as tips to help you get the most out of your RESP. Your student will also be eligible for our Knowledge First Rewards Program which provides access to scholarships and bursaries only available to Knowledge First students.

Get the jump on success

When it comes to saving, the most important decision you can make is to start today. No matter where you’re at in life’s journey, our RESP experts will help set up the plan that is right for you.


The Knowledge First Foundation reinvests profits into scholarships and other payments to support student success.

Knowledge First Financial is Canada’s largest RESP Company with a sole focus on Student Success through education savings.

Today, we manage RESPs for more than 600,000 beneficiaries.

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