Your Back-to-Elementary-School checklist

Your Back-to-Elementary-School checklist

A last-minute checklist for parents sending their children off to elementary school. 

Back to school is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time for parents. While you are excited for a change of pace, some more structure, or for them to learn and interact with others, the preparation can seem overwhelming.

If you are still getting ready to send your kids to school, do not stress or worry. We have a checklist for the key items your little ones will need. 

1. A sturdy backpack that is sized

Although there are a lot of cute backpacks for children, try to ensure that they fit your child and are not too big. Look for a backpack that has adjustable straps, is water resistant or sturdy. Many have a place for a water bottle and a built-in pencil case. Remember, you do not need to splurge on a backpack, there are many affordable options online and in-store! 

2. Lunch box or kit

A lunch kit to contain all foods and snacks is recommended over just loose pieces in your child’s backpack. For a little kid, having everything in one area increases the chance of things being eaten. Bento boxes are great for this age! Put it in a carrying tote or in the backpack if it fits.

3. Water bottle

Invest in a water bottle that is durable and can be refilled easily. Ones that have a straw built-in are best. 

4. Plastic pencil box

In most cases, teachers will supply materials but will ask parents to pick up plastic containers to put their supplies in. Get ahead and get one now. 

5. Box of tissues

While sanitizers are readily available and are hand wash stations, your child will likely be asked to contribute or bring their own box of tissues. 

6. Rain Boots & Rainjacket

With the rainy weather, these are necessary for obvious reasons. 

7. Sneakers or inside shoes

For young ones, teachers may request a pair of inside shoes to be kept at the school. Regardless, it’s a good idea to have a pair of extra running shoes (little ones will burn right through them). 

8. A few clothing staples (if there is no uniform) 

Kids go through clothes fast, so focus on getting them things like comfortable pants and tops to go with them, as well as hoodies for layering as the weather becomes unpredictable. It’s a good idea to ensure you have a lot of socks as well (these come in handy to help keep them warm after puddle jumping, for instance). 

9. Labels

Finally, labels. It’s a good idea (and you may be asked to) to label every item your child takes to school (from a water bottle, backpack, to clothing). Kids often forget things or leave them behind. You can order pre-made labels or purchase stickers and include their name only (for lost and found purposes). 

These are most of the thing’s that will serve you well. Teachers may request additional items, but things like planners, sanitizers and such are often provided by the school for elementary students. 

Start the year off prepared and there is no doubt it will be a successful one! 

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