Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond makes it easier for families with a modest income to save for their child’s education. If a child is eligible for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), you will receive a one-time initial payment of $500 to your child’s RESP with an additional $100 for each year of eligibility until age 15. Eligible families can receive the CLB without contributing any money of their own.


Over time, this could add up to as much as $2,000 in grant money invested in your RESP, plus whatever income that investment generates over time.

Who qualifies?

Eligibility for the Canada Learning Bond is dependent on your family income and the number of children you have. This handy chart will help you determine whether you are eligible:

Number of children Adjusted net family income for the 2020-2021 benefit year
1 to 3 Less than or equal to $48,535
4 Less than $54,764
5 Less than $61,016
6 Less than $67,268

When do I need to apply?

You have up until your beneficiary turns 18 to apply for the Canada Learning Bond, but the earlier you apply, the sooner the grant money will start to grow in an RESP.

If you set up an RESP previously, but didn’t apply for the CLB right away, you can still do so. Your beneficiary is eligible for the CLB commencing with the year that your beneficiary was born, or became a Canadian resident. If you did not apply for the CLB right away, the Canadian Government will still make payments for the previous years. All you need to do is to apply!

How do I apply for a Canada Learning Bond?

To apply for a CLB follow these simple steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, register the birth/adoption of your child and apply for a birth certificate
  2. Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the child. Learn more about the SIN application process.
  3. Speak to one of our RESP specialists about setting up a Flex First CLB-Only Plan.

Once we receive your completed forms, we will apply for the CLB on your behalf. Once the CLB application is approved, all grants will automatically be added to your RESP. We’re here to make setting up and managing your RESP as easy as possible!

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One of our RESP experts would be happy to help you set up a plan built around the Canada Learning Bond.

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